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Create hreflang tags for your website

A free hreflang generator to craft error-free tags.
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Frequently asked questions

What is a hreflang tag?

Whenever you start offering the same website content in different languages, you will want search engines to know that these different versions are related to each other. This is where hreflang link tags come into play. If, for example, you offer the same content in English and in German, you would include two hreflang tags on each page: one for each language. If you want to only target a specific region with a page, you can add a region shortcode to the language as well.

Doing this will signal to search engines that you would prefer a certain version of your page to be shown in a certain language version of the search results pages.

You can also define a hreflang tag as “x-default”, which signals that the page in question is the global version that should be shown for languages you do not offer.

Why should I use a generator for my hreflangs?

hreflangs are easy enough at first glance, but in practice they are often implemented in the wrong way. Many website owners accidentally use wrong language or region codes, resulting in rankings actually being hurt. This generator keeps a list of all accepted language and region codes, thus ensuring that you can never go wrong.

Can I support this?

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