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What relgrowth uses to track web activity

relgrowth uses a privacy-first, self-hosted web tracking solution called umami to track visits to the website and clicks on some buttons. This for me is important to see if running this platform is worth my time and effort. I have absolutely zero interest in finding out anything about you that lets me identify and spam you later with personalized offers, and the beautiful thing is that umami's developer feels the same way.

Visiting relgrowth will never store any personally identifiable information about you and therefore I also don't need to interrupt your experience with a consent box.

If you feel I should know who you are, please write me an email or hit me up on Twitter. Always happy to talk!

Regarding tracking in Google Sheets: this is an absolute black box for me, as it should be. The moment you click on any link that takes you away from relgrowth, I lose all insight into what’s going on. All scripts used in any relgrowth Google Sheets tool can be freely perused to check for creepy tracking (Tools –-> Script editor). There is one exception: each sheet contains a pixel that sends a simple event to Google Analytics that contains the tool name (e.g. Backlink Checker). All this does is show me how often certain tools are opened, but it doesn't let me know anything about you or the sheet itself. If you want to remove this tracking, you can simply delete the cell containing the custom function (it's a cell with a note attached to it).

That should about sum it up. Enjoy using the site and tools!

Best wishes, Martin

Last edited on 2022-04-11