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About relgrowth

relgrowth provides SEO tools and how-to articles to help you grow your website. You can use and read everything here for free, without annoying ads to disturb the experience. If you benefit from what is offered, you can choose to support further development by buying me a coffee or upgrading to the pro editions that some tools offer.

Meet the founder: Martin Hooijmans

Picture of Martin Hooijmans

I've worked in the SEO field for more than 4 years, and have done web development a while longer. What I love is digging into new technology, sharing knowledge and building digital tools that let others invest more time in doing the work they actually like.

Paying it forward makes up a large part of my philosophy. Do good things for others, share knowledge, and good things may happen for you. This is why relgrowth uses a pay-what-you-want model: support if you can and by doing so, enable me to keep building free SEO tools for you and all the people who cannot afford it (but who may pay it forward in another manner).

Currently, I'm employed by FlixBus and develop The Story Shack, an illustrated flash fiction platform and writing tools provider.

Technologies used on this website

relgrowth is built from the ground up. In case you’re interested in the (free) technologies that support this site and make it more fun and scalable to build upon, here’s a short list:

  • Jekyll: static site generator created by the nice folks over at GitHub.
  • Vue.js: light-weight JavaScript library that powers most of the JS-based tools that (will) exist on this site.
  • Atom: awesome, configurable code editor.